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La Cite Du Train
Address: 2, rue Alfred de Glehn, 68200 Mulhouse, France. Tel.: 03 89 42 83 33 Toll Free:
France's world-class national railway collection is displayed in this impressive museum in Mulhouse, once a European centre of steam locomotive construction. Mulhouse is in the north-eastern French region of Alsace, near the German and Swiss borders. The large collection includes steam, diesel and electric locomotives, and powered and hauled rolling stock. The museum has recently reopened after the construction of a new thematic exhibition space, which has caused some controversy for its dramatic display style. All labels are in French, but English-speaking visitors can borrow digital audio players containing English-language spoken descriptions of most exhibits..
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Address: Pça. Eduard Maristany, s/n 08800 VILANOVA I LA GELTRU (Barcelona), SPAIN. Tel.: 93 815 84 91 Toll Free:
Web site in English. The Museum is located in the historic steam locomotive depot of Vilanova i la Geltrú. It tries to show in an innovative and active way the universe of trains and their extremely important role in the contemporary world. In its facilities the Museum proposes a suggestive trip from its origins to the XXI century. In its outstanding location from the XIX century the most important collection of steam locomotives in Europe is on display. A spectacular engine shed houses all-time vehicles and railway elements. In the inside area one can find several objects and services, and a room where to see the awarded audiovisual Don't Miss the History Train. The Railway Museum of Vilanova i la Geltrú is integrated in the System of the Science and Technique Museums of the Generalitat de Catalunya as a collaborating entity
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Poland - Skansen Museum
Address: Koscierzyna, Poland. Tel.: (+48 58) 6863500 Toll Free:
On the outskirts of Koscierzyna is northern Poland’s only railway museum; it is located at 7 Towarowa Street. Many visitors to Pomerania have never heard of it, and the museum has been visited mainly by school groups. One of the Koscierzyna’s railway museum’s main attractions is a trip on the Pomerania’s extremely popular train called COSTERINA. This old-fashioned locomotive was built in 1953. Passenger carriages that are coupled up to it are no longer used in regular service. Costerina runs along the Lipusz – Koscierzyna – Gdynia route from June till September. Interesting things are happening at the museum all year long. Winter is the time of repair works and preparing the exhibits for the season. Recently, the museum has acquired an ST44-905 diesel locomotive....
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Slovenian Railway Museum
Address: Parmova 35, Ljubljana, Slovenia, SI-1000, Slovenia. Tel.: (0)61 29 12 641 Toll Free:
old roundhouse with a turntable in front of it, rolling stock, mostly of Austro-Hungarian origin (the oldest loco built in 1861), permanent display of specific railway departments, such as stationmaster's office, permanent way, communications, uniforms, signalling; in addition a small art gallery
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Spain - Museo del Ferrocarril
Address: Madrid, Spain. Tel.: N/A Toll Free:
The railway museum is located in the "Estacion de las delicias", the oldest of Madrid. Since 1984, this monumental building is attended for the central office of the museum and it shows one of the most complete collections of the historical railway equipment of Europe....
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Stoom Stichting
Address: Stoomstichting, Netherlands. Tel.: N/A Toll Free:
The Stoom Stichting Nederland (SSN) was set up on 30 January 1976. It's aim is "to restore historic steam driven machines and vehicles in working condition and to preserve them for future generations..." Since October 1998 the SSN has been the proud owner of a beautiful new shed in Rotterdam on a site bordering the NS Rotterdam Noord Goederen yard....
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The Danish Railway Museum
Address: Dannebrogsgade 24, 5000 Odense C, Denmark. Tel.: +45 66 13 66 30 Toll Free:
More than 10,000 sqm of carriages and locomotives, buses, model ferries, model railway tracks, mini-trains and play area.
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Address: Box 53, Mariefred, ,SE-647 22, Sweden. Tel.: +46 159-210 00 Toll Free:
The narrow gauge railway museum in Mariefred. The museum society "Östra Södermanlands Järnväg" (abbrev. ÖSlJ) situated in Mariefred is a non-profit organisation with a purpose to collect, preserve and display in operation the rolling stock of the seven 600 mm narrow gauge railways that existed in Sweden. This is to be done in the form of a museum named "Östra Södermanlands Järnväg". This according to § 1 in the statutes of the society. What does this actually mean ? Practically, it can be broken down into three different goals: The hobby goal, The museum goal, The operational goal
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